Sunday, 24 June 2012

South Street Cottages

Here's an interesting clipping sent from Derek Gorham, showing the old cottages next to the Luxor.
They were replaced by an office building, up until recently the premises of the Federation of Small Business but now vacant.

Two 250-year-old cottages, 5 and 7 South-street, Lancing, are being demolished and will provide a site for an office block to be built this year.
The cottages are owned by Brian Dodd and Co., estate agents, who have moved from 7 South-street into temporary offices next door. The buildings were too old old to be converted; at Mr Dodd’s former office the ceiling has had to be supported with beams, while 5 South street was full of damp and rot, and the stairs gave way.

The two end properties still recognisable with the offices slotted in.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Station Road aka South Street

Another from Derek Gorham's collection of cuttings from the Worthing Herald
Top: this is how the view south from the level crossing in south street looked around 1900
Below: circa 1960

The horse pictured above in another scene of old Lancing did not have to worry about parking restrictions. today’s view [below] of the northern end of South street shows how Lancing has grown from a quiet village to a thriving township. A bingo hall (formerly a cinema) now dominates the eastern side, while trees almost opposite have given way to shops and offices. The street’s name has also changed - it used to be known as Station Road.

The modern view
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From the same position but facing north these two show the comparative views 60 years apart
The full text of the cutting is :
This is the first in a short series of pictures showing Lancing old and new. The old pictures are taken from postcards published by A. G. Colbourne, of Lancing, and appear to show the village as it was in the early 1900s. Above: the delightfully rural aspect of Lancing level-crossing, taken from just south of the gates, looking north up North-road. This contrasts greatly with the busy shopping area it is today [below]. In not one of the old pictures does a car or bus appear, and most of the roads seem to be provided with only an untarred surface.

An earlier post shows more views of this Railway Crossing

Monday, 11 June 2012

34, North Road

This postcard picture has come from contributor Derek Gorham.
The view is of North Road adjacent to the Alms Houses and it's iron railing and gate post.
The thatched cottage is number 34 North Road, it stood where North Farm Court now stands.
The date is believed to be about 1910
courtesy Derek Gorham

The picture below shows the Almshouses and LittleCroft and the cottage beyond.
The children in both pictures are l -r  Eddie Green, Emma May Merriott, Olive Cooper, holding Bessie Oram.

West Sussex Past Pictures
Modern view of North Road and the Almshouses

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The same cottage from the north viewed looking south in about 1930

West Sussex Past Pictures
Modern view looking south

The cottage at 34 North Road was the home of the Merriott family who were  shown in earlier post in reference to Penstone House, where Lucy Merriott. the woman seated, was Nurse to the Hall family children
courtesy Ted White

The cottage was demolished in 1935, Michael Warr, the grandson of Lucy Merriott who still lives in Lancing remembers witnessing the demolition with some sadness. At that time he attended the village school a few yards further down the road.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

South Street

This interesting snippet from an Argus of the 1960's period sent from Derek Gorham, thanks Derek

More than half a century has seen little change in these buildings along the eastern side of South street, Lancing. The shops in the old view (above) now bear different names and offer other wares. The road has been widened and pedestrians now have the advantage of pavements both sides. A hard road surface also makes for easier, less muddy progress these days.