Friday, 18 May 2012

The Luxor Cinema

Every town once had its own cinema, larger towns may have had several cinemas under different ownership companies.
courtesy Geoff Caulton

Before television it was an important way for a community to be able to learn about national and world events through the Pathe Newsreels.
Cinema was a major source of entertainment, British and American movies drew large crowds keen to sit in the darkened auditorium for an evening and escape the troubles of daily life.
When cinema lost its mass appeal many of the venues closed, were demolished or found other uses such as happened to this one by becoming a Bingo Hall. More recently it was used by Walter Wall carpets. Since then it has been a spacious home to a cycle shop and most recently The Mobility Centre, suppliers of electric powered vehicles.

Do you have photos or memories of this venue ?

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  1. Indeed, this was a beautiful cinema, with people waiting in quite long ques to see the popular films , and I remember winning a talent contest there singing, in about 1949/50. I was borne in South Lancing in 1941 , and attended Lancing Preparatory School for some years, email ( Robert John Woollard )