Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hark the Age of Steam

Turning southwards from our starting point that was the railway, and harking back to the 1960's.
This picture shows what appears to be an event that drew some crowds. Perhaps a carnival day
Doubly interesting because of the curious little shop in the background that began life as a Brickwoods off-licence at the side of the Farmers Hotel. I will show how it has been adapted over the years to a variety of uses.
After a long period of vacancy in 2004 the little shop was taken on by a Fishing Tackle supplier with a sideline in Dolls House kits

 A year later in 2005 it was the turn of a Locksmith 'Rhino Locks'. It must of provided a useful base to an otherwise mobile service.

Four years later in 2009 Neville Scott had decided to go solo in the Estate agency business and set up shop in the little building.
In this wide angle view the scene recalls the original photo with the steam engine in the position of where the white car is now parked.

Lastly for now at least, The Farmers with the strange little shop tacked on the side.
Since this photo was taken the Estate Agent has vacated. The most recent occupant was Carewise Ltd, a privately owned Homecare agency

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