Monday, 30 July 2012

More cuttings from Derek Gorham

above: the modern view of Beach Green looking up towards South Street
below: newspaper cutting of an earlier view taken from old postcards
Not much remains of the old skyline. This view (below) of the southern end of South-street, Lancing, taken from Beach Green, shows how much has changed in 50 or so years. The garage buildings in the foreground block the view up South-street, where shops and flats have replaced the taller buildings on the east side (above). Even newer flats can be seen on the extreme right of the modern Lancing. The old view shows, too, how much of South-street has been widened. Reclamation work has rid the green of pools of water which lay there until not so many years ago.

 Above: recent view of Salt Lake cottages, the gardens have developed but the buildings have remained as they looked in the picture below.
The old order changes, Called Salt Lake in former days, this section of Freshbrook-road, Lancing, shows how tastes have changed. It is a change for the better, for with careful treatment the old cottages have taken on a new lease of life. The spanking new bicycles in the old view (top) should help date the picture.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Concrete Blockade

Buried beneath Beach Green are almost 200 five-foot square concrete wartime anti-tank blocks.

They were part of the shore line defence system.They were too large to take off the site and so in 1946 it was decided to bury them and they have remained there ever since.
View in 1946, image courtesy Bob Brown

Recently and controversially it was planned to have all the blocks dug out and crushed, they had begun to cause problems as the soil covering was eroding and exposing parts of the concrete to the surface.
The community formed an action committee and persuaded the council that a top dressing of re-seeded soil would be a better solution.
Modern view

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A collection of village scenes

These postcards are thought to date from the late thirties or forties, possibly 50's, we are grateful to Lydia Schilbach for sending them
St James the Less, Manor Road
13th century flint church
Grade 1 listed

St James the Less today showing it's recent restorative face-lift

The Old Cottage,  Mill Road
Grade II listed
Some parts  date from 15th century
Recently on the property market

The Old Cottage today

Penhill Road
A very quiet road 

Cricket Match, Lancing College
A good crowd, was there a famous player in the team?
All images courtesy of Lydia Schilbach

Friday, 6 July 2012

South Lancing from the air

An aerial photo taken in the early 1940's
courtesy Michael Warr

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Here i have tried to overlay old and modern
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