About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to take a new look at the images I originally used on the website 'Lancing Postcards' which I created several years ago. Due to technical issues that site cannot be updated.

The idea of the 'postcard' title is to pay homage to the tradition of picturesque photo views of a place that were printed on card sized at about 3 inches x 5 inches usually sold by the photographer or a company that a visitor might write a message on the back and mail it to a friend or relative. (see notes on 'At the Beginning' page)

My pictures are not at present printed on card and the views are not always most picturesque, more a mixture of the good and not so good but I hope they are in some way informative of the location.

The format for blogging is different to that for more traditional websites, having a more time linear structure. Within this constraint I will introduce my collection of photo's of the village and local area with any comment or information I have available.
I hope readers will find something useful here and even add information. Either through photo's or comments. Alternatively any contribution to the companion site Lancing Village Memories is also welcome

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  1. I've spent the best part of an hour looking through your website and love the old cemetery pictures... They are very atmospheric of Lancing. Great work Ray :)